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Media Coverage of Impressions of War

and of the Story of the Lost Bible

For photographs of the October 2010 meeting of the Hodgson and Cook families click HERE

In the United Kingdom



On 16 September ITV London and ITV Meridian - covering a population of about 10 million - carried the Bible story on their prime-time news bulletins at 6pm and 10pm.

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On 8 October ITV Meridian covered the ceremony at the graveside of Richard Cook on the 93rd anniversary of his death.

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* There are a couple of factual errors at the beginning of the above video. Herbert Hodgson - who found the Bible in April 1918 - was not from Sussex but from South London. The Bible was not found in Passchendaele but near Messines. See Impressions of War for the full story.


On 28 March 2011, ITV Meridian reported the return if the Bible to New Zealand. Click HERE.


Review of Impressions of War in The Times on 28 August 2010.

The Mail Online carried the Bible story on 12 April 2011.

In New Zealand



The donation and return of the Bible on 23 march 2011 was covered on TV1 and TV3


The Bible story was aired on Radio New Zealand on 16 August 2010.


June 2010

The discovery of the original owner of the Bible appeared in several national and local papers including the front page of The Dominion Post, its other sections and the Otago Daily Times. See also TVNZ and Infonews.

August 2010

Voxy News, Southland Times and the Otago Daily Times


Global Coverage on the Web 

Yahoo News, MyNewsDesk, Global Print Monitor and PRHub.

Herbert Hodgson's time in Wales is recollected on the BBC Mid Wales website.

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