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The Hodgson Surname: Its Norse Origins and Cumbrian Location


Geoffrey M. Hodgson


How far back in time can you trace your family history? Even after many years of research, most people can show a genealogy stretching back over no more than three centuries. By contrast, people born with the Hodgson surname can trace back some roots to the Vikings who settled in Northern England in the tenth century. This trace is not done piecemeal through generation-by-generation family history research but by a different and novel method. A truly remarkable story emerges.


You can read this story as first published in The Hodgson Surname. The pioneering research in this volume is based on the locational distribution of the Hodgson surname, using early parish records. It challenges explanations of its origin in some modern books of reference. Instead, decisive support is found for those nineteenth-century surname experts who proposed a Viking origin for the surname.


The locational data correspond with the pattern of Viking settlement and migration in the tenth century. Major events of the period tally with the data: such as the flight of the Vikings from Ireland, their purchase of land in Cumberland with pillaged loot, their alliance with the Strathclyde Kingdom, and their dispersal from the punitive raids of the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans. We thus have a striking picture of the early history of the Hodgson clan in the North of England.


Few other surnames have such a colourful history. Now you have the chance to read this fascinating story.


First published in 1993. 82 pages. Hardback. ISBN  0 9521853 0 X


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