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Published by Martlet Books in 2013: 

Geoffrey M. Hodgson (2013)

The World Turned Upside Down


Still available from Martlet Books:

Geoffrey M. Hodgson (1993)

The Hodgson Surname: Its Norse Origins and Cumbrian Location


Published by Martlet Books in 2010:

Bernard Hodgson and Geoffrey M. Hodgson (eds) (2010)

Impressions of War: The Memoirs of Herbert Hodgson 1893-1974

Distribution of this volume is now handled by Martin Hodgson ( Please contact him for prices and other information.


Out-of-Print Publications by Martlet Books:

Geoffrey M. Hodgson (2008) Hodgson Saga (Second Edition)

Geoffrey M. Hodgson (1996) The Viking Trail from Lancaster to Dent and the History of the Hodgson Surname

               The full text is downloadable HERE, free of charge.

Logan Thomas (1996) The Greatest Treason

Geoffrey M. Hodgson (1982) A Hodgson Family

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