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       The World Turned Upside Down


      Geoffrey M. Hodgson

        Illustrated by Jessie Agnew


           First Published November 2013



A book for children aged between 7 and 13 ...

... and also for young-at-heart adults who have sometimes wondered that all might not be right about the world.

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A long time ago, there was a small country that no-one put on a map, and no-one knew its name. This country was neither rich nor poor. Its people were mostly but not extremely happy, and nothing much happened to make them sad. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, they carried on with their ordinary lives.

Every year, according to The Book of Laws for this country, when the first day of April arrived, the people in this country would swap places with one another. Every two years, men would swap their clothes and their jobs with those of the women, and boys would swap their clothes with girls just for the day. It was all great fun.

On the other years, on the first of April, the king and his family would change places with the poorest peasant family, and other families in between would also swap rank just for the day. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

Then, on one first day of April long ago, something happened that would change all that. Poor peasants Albert, Agnes and their daughter Annie would turn the world upside down, forever.

What did they do? And how did they do it? Is their world still upside down? Where is The Book of Laws now? This book explains everything - or almost.

ISBN 978-0-9521853-6-9. Hardcover. 105 pages. 18 Illustrations.

Published in a limited, numbered edition of 300 copies.

© 2016 Geoffrey M Hodgson. All rights reserved.
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